Publisher: King
Size: 22.52M
Compatibility: 3.0 and up for Android devices
Price: free

From the makers of the legendary Candy Crush, Bubble Witch 3 takes you through a journey as Stella the witch battling the troublesome cat, Wilbur. The app is free to get, and you’ll be on your way to saving kingdoms and restoring peace to the magical lands in no time.


The graphics are much more refined than your normal Candy Crush. You’ll get a bit of depth and feel to the color in the game. The iOS and Android app has an ever-changing graphics landscape, and the animation is very fluid. With pops and whimsical sounds, kids will love this game. Game’s visuals deserve a high mark 10 out of 10.  

What Is It about?

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The object of the game is to match 3 bubbles to pop them. The goal of each level varies, ranging from popping all bubbles, releasing owls that are trapped in bubbles, helping ghosts travel through a maze of bubbles, and releasing fairies to attack bosses.

You can swap bubble colors in the cauldron. You should also drop bubbles where you see the most spiders dangling. Unlock spells, upgrade your witch’s house and get pixie dust by visiting other people’s homes. While it may seem fairly simple, a good amount of strategy is needed in order to make the most of Bubble Witch and increase your longevity in the game. Use power-ups to get new abilities of lives and last longer in the game.

The iOS and Google Play app for Bubble Witch utilizes a simple tap mechanism which is quite convenient. Pressing and holding with a single finger is great for aiming and shooting, and there’s no need for superfluous controls.

The app is free to get for your Google Android or iOS device, although there are in-app purchases that you may use for power-ups and boosters. In the more complex levels, you’ll find yourself burning through lives fast. In-game money and coin purchases will assist you in these gruelling times. It is possible to play without these purchases, but it gets frustrating really quickly. This point’s score is 9/10.


To Replay or Not To Replay

I enjoyed playing Bubble Witch much like Candy Crush, and I’d replay it again. There’s a lot of variety with new levels, characters and the new boosters and power-ups which make gameplay exciting. I liked the fact that there’s an interesting storyline which makes playing a lot more fun. Replay Value score is 10/10.

Is It Good?

King is a leader when it comes to fantasy match-3 games, and they scored another ringer with this game. Bubble Witch is an awesome game, and the latest version has an even better design. It has a higher variety than Candy Crush which is a plus for King fans like me. However, you need to invest a lot of in-game money and gold bars so that you can enjoy the full experience and unlock your full potential.

The addition of new updates and features such as rebuilding Stella’s house, spellbinding modes and new power-ups and features all make the game more exciting. I’d recommend the game to any match-3 fan.

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10.0 /10


9.0 /10

Replay Value

10.0 /10

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Publisher: Sugarman Games, LLC.

Recommended Age: 12 and Up

Number of Players: 4 - as many players as you can get!

Game Length: 60-75 minutes

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