Number of players: 2
Time to play: 5-30 min
When and where was first developed: BC, ancient East.


What Is It About?

Backgammon is a Persian game, it is also very popular in the East, where it has a very deep cultural and symbolic significance. This game is for two players and the essence lies in the movement of checkers on the board in accordance with the rules. The board for playing backgammon is divided into 24 points and it is richly decorated element of the game set.

How to play backgammon?

There are a lot of rules for playing backgammon. Mostly, these are varieties of the classic game, that have differences in the starting conditions, some conditional rules, and other nuances. Most of the players usually play long and short backgammon. In effect, by purchasing a box with the game, you will receive a universal set of the game, and you can play by any variant of the rules.

The essence of any game is to use your intellect and foreseeing opponent’s moves, to use the situation on the board for maximum. In many aspects the game success depends from the random rolls of the die – but even with unlucky hands, there is a chance to win, just don’t make mistakes and use your opponent’s weaknesses.

Is It Good?

There are two important factors in the popularity of the game. The first is the ability to play the bet, that is, backgammon often used as an extreme entertainment (by the standards of the Persians), the result of which depends to a sufficient extent on the luck and the intellect of the players. In the old times, backgammon used to help to solve the dispute: the winner dictated his terms to the defeated. By the way, there is no possibility of a draw in any version of the game: there are no disputable situations with the definition of the winner.

The second important aspect of the popularity of the game is the almost mystical meaning of backgammon for every nation from the East. The game symbolized the movement of the stars and is a subject for divination. Later, the backgammon became a kind of psychological test, allowing you to uncover a stranger and quickly befriend with him.

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Publisher: Sugarman Games, LLC.

Recommended Age: 12 and Up

Number of Players: 4 - as many players as you can get!

Game Length: 60-75 minutes

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