Publisher: Happy Sky Digits, Inc
Size: 13.30M
Compatibility: 2.3 and up for Android devices.
Price: free

Spider Solitaire is a leading card game on Google Play for all old and new Solitaire fans. Remove all 54 cards from the table and assemble them on the tableau before removing them. Assemble piles, build them down by rank and turn yourself into an expert right on your Google Android device.


The graphics are crisp and employ a green 2D-casino backdrop. The game avoids cluttering the screen too much, and you’ll be able to see all your decks on the screen, plus the calendar on your daily challenge. The UI is beautifully designed, and you’ll feel right at home with this casino on your phone. Subtle sound effects in the background are the cherry on top. The score of the graphics is 8/10.

What Is It about?

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The objective of the game is a typical solitaire fashion; building a descending sequence from King to Ace within the created tableau. Two decks of cards are used and thoroughly shuffled, and 4 tableau rows of 10 facing down cards are dealt to create columns. A face-up card is dealt at the end of each column with four face-down cards to the 4 leftmost columns.

Standard spider rules apply; you can move an exposed card at the end of any column to any other column in the tableau, provided that it creates a descending suit. If you can build a complete descending suit, then this is transferred to a foundation automatically.

You can have 1-suit, 2-suit or 4-suit variations. You can also choose custom backdrops and cards from your own photos. The app keeps your stats on a leaderboard, and you will also be afforded hints so that you can overcome obstacles.

The Google Play app for Spider Solitaire uses a combination of dragging, dropping and tapping to move cards and place them on tableau columns. The simple controls are convenient especially because you can play the game in landscape mode too if you have a fairly small-size screen.

It is possible to entirely rely on the free for get version of the Android app. In-app purchases offer you ad-free experience, and you can also unlock difficulty levels and new customization themes. These range from $0.99 to $9.99. The score of this point is 8/10.

To Replay or Not To Replay

I’d replay this version of Spider Solitaire. The fact that you get hints when playing makes it even more enjoyable especially when you are playing the more difficult levels. It also offers you three suits to choose from and lets you customize your backgrounds which is refreshing for a mobile app. Replay value of this game is 8/10.

Is It Good?

Staying true to the original solitaire, this is an app I’d recommend to anyone with a smartphone. The graphics are always lovely, although the latest version has a cartoony feel to it. The positioning of the ads is a bit irritating as they interfere with some of the game buttons. The bug fixes on the newer updates don’t seem to solve too much, even when I tried installing the app on different devices. Otherwise, this is an excellent game for anyone looking for a pleasant pastime on their phones.

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8.0 /10


8.0 /10

Replay Value

8.0 /10

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Publisher: Sugarman Games, LLC.

Recommended Age: 12 and Up

Number of Players: 4 - as many players as you can get!

Game Length: 60-75 minutes

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